Arising from the Antoine equation and the ideal gas law, the volume of exhaled water has been calculated. Air temperature,humidity and minute ventilation has been taken into account. During physical exercise amount of exhaled H2O is linear, but not proportional to heart rate. And so at the heart rate of 140 bpm amount of exhaled water is approximately four times higher than during the rest and equals about 60–70 ml/h. The eect of external temperature and humidity on water lost via lungs was assessed as well. When temperature of inspired air and its humidity is 35°C and the humidity 75% then respectively loss of water is 7 ml/h. Whereas when above parameters are changed to minus 10°C and 25% lung excretion of H2O increases up to 20 ml/h. The humidity sensor signal used in the installation is digital, as the humidity of the excreted air controls the specific behavior of the light emied by the installation, as well as being used as control data for the PureData sound-processing patch. The installation uses the humidity measurement to calculate the relationship to the imaginary / virtual heart rate and, as such, to the speed of propagation of light and sound“waves” in the synthesis module in its idle state. The nature of the sound and light processing creates watery, biological and organic impressions. The humidity of the excreted air will also be used to create a ranking of viewers. This will be stored in the database as each viewer interacting from the mobile application downloaded to their smart-phones will store their first name, the processed recording of their scream and the humidity of the air they have exhaled.

The concept behind the installation is a synthesis of notions like unity,interaction, contestation, search, experimentation, exploration and thejoint creation of a project. A unified scream almost amounting to a physical exchange. A scream in
the name of nature, a screaming opposition to environmental degradation and the "junk economy". The materials making up the installation include the human voice and humidity emied by the interactors. The indicators obtained in this way
are processed and used in the synthesis of the sound and lighting. The Source - Meeting Point - the meeting place is the site where the installation is presented. Regardless of of the exact location, it will certainly be installed by the application and posted on the project website. This is an important place for the installation. Here you can download the application and leave your first trail. At this location, only you can initialise the application and aach your scream on behalf of nature. The mobile application controls the process of leaving the sample (the scream and humidity of breath). It is, at the same time, a collective tool designed for marking positive and negative emotions related to the environment and nature within a particular geolocation, particularly when searching for the beauty of (pure) nature, all the while marking pollution in the environment and leaving geolocated messages.
Two modes of application:
1) Interaction control (on site)
2) A guide to finding the beauty of (pure) nature or spoed pollution of
the environment. Leaving geolocation marks in geographic locations.
Dispatch of invitations to Facebook to participate in the project (within
the circle of participants).

The online audience (website visitors) can become project interactors through visiting the venue of an installation and obtaining the mobile application. The application is translated into the languages of the countries participating in the ART LINE project and into English. The project website is a page where you can trace the footsteps of the project participants, see the current location of the installation, send the invitations to the current location of the installation and familiarise yourself with the project information. The light sculpture is made up of boles and strips created from PET, and the interactive sensor trunk is printed using a 3D printer from ABS material, which, when processed in home conditions, can be re-used for printing. The WHATerPROOF ecosystem was established in accordance with the principle Rethink, Redesign, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. We have made every eort to make it as energy ecient as possible.
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